"We've used Dane Electric before and have always been very happy with the prompt response and reasonable cost.
Chris really knows old houses and we are confident that he does what is necessary to make sure we're up to code."

Description of work: Completely re-wired basement after renovation, added subpanel.

We were completely satisfied with the work.

Description of work:Dane was the electrical subcontractor on remodeling work on our home and we were impressed. When we had a need for more electrical work, we called them. Since they were coming, we asked them to do multiple small projects. All were handled quickly, politely, and perfectly. And at a price better than we expected.

He was on time and did everything in just over an hour.  It is the second time I have used Dane and we are very happy with their work.

Description of work: I had been having problem with an old GFCI outlet that was frequently tripping and knocking out numerous other outlets. The electrician recommended a fix and quickly replaced a number of inside and outside outlets linked to the problem.

The Dane brothers have several crews and do excellent work. Done on time and at the price quoted.

Description of work: We had them install recessed lighting in our living room and kitchen ceilings. We wish we'd done it years ago.